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How to marinade and braai your meat

Marinating your meat overnight or a few hours before braaiing enhances the depth of flavour and preserves the moisture in the meat.

What to braai

The success of any braai begins at the butcher and the grocery store. You're not supposed to turn bad chops into good chops; you should cook great meat to perfection. So, start with good quality food for your braai.

Essentially, the meat you choose determines the type of herbs and spices you should use, preparation, cooking time, and braai techniques.

Pork ribs

Pork is thin, lean meat that cooks relatively quickly and can dry out just as quickly. They are at their best when seasoned with our aromatic Rosemary and Garlic spice. Braai'ing pork shoulder and neck are fatter and juicier alternatives.

Lamb chops

An absolute braai favourite - lamb chops cooked on a fire. An incomparable braai scent known to cause hyper-salivation. A good idea for getting the most out of your chops is to mix a little lemon juice in your marinade to help tenderise the meat. Then marinate the chops overnight in our Weber Barbecue Sauce for the ideal sticky chops.


Without the proper seasoning, chicken can be tasteless. Use our tangy lemon and herb chicken marinade to bring out the flavour. Marinate the chicken overnight in our rich blend of lemon, herbs, spices and garlic. Continue to baste the chicken with the remaining marinade while it cooks.

Keep in mind that chicken takes longer to cook, so keep it on medium-heated coals, and unlike steak, you will need to flip the chicken regularly. For added flavour, use a spring of rosemary instead of a brush to baste the chicken.


A braai is not a braai without boerewors, and true braai fanatics will know that there is nothing worse than cooking and eating dried boerewors.

Here is how you should cook boerewors:

· Place the wors over indirect medium heat.

· Do not cut or pierce the meat.

· Close the Weber lid and cook for 15 minutes.

· Without breaking the coil, turn it over and cook for about five more minutes.


Beef or pork ribs are a lip-smacking delight, but the marinade is easy to burn. To avoid this, boil the ribs with peppercorns and bay leaves. Then marinate them in our AAA Super Sizzle Beef Marinade and let stand before adding to the hot braai.

The ultimate steak

An excellent thick cut of T-bone, sirloin, rump steak or fillet steak are sure winners at any braai. But, for best results, marinate the meat overnight with our Super Sizzle AAA Roast Marinade. The secret to a good steak lies in the cut of meat and the wood and the coal quality. Be sure to have a good pair of tongs on hand and never use a fork to turn the steak. Steak is the fastest to cook, so save the best for last.

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